Why do species occur where they do?
or, why don’t they anywhere else?

Range Limits

My current PhD dissertation (PI Dr. Chris Eckert) focuses on the factors that limit adaptation at the range margin. Continuing work started by Dr. Anna Hargreaves, we are studying elevational range limits of the annual, hemiparasitic plant Rhinanthus minor (Orobanchaceae) in the Kananaskis Valley of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Invasive Species

Starting as an undergraduate research assistant, and continuing throughout my MSc, I worked on invasive hawkweeds (Pilosella spp., Asteraceae) in both their native European  and introduced North American ranges with Dr. Chandra Moffat.


My MSc in Biology (PI Dr. Jason Pither) focused on herbaceous plant biomass and diversity patterns in high elevation meadows with and without grazing pressure. Publications from this work can be found here.